In one of my previous posts, I brought to light the fact that although technology has delivered us many wonderful opportunities, it had not delivered an absence from diseases of historic and epidemic proportions. This week we’ll take a look at technology’s silver lining – unprecedented access to a wealth of information at our fingertips to overcome these diseases. In short, taking responsibility for our own health. The key to this technological opportunity is knowing and understanding the art of research and taking advantage of the seemingly unlimited resources we now have available on the Internet. Health bloggers invariably understand this concept which brings me to this week’s gem… Cholesterol Clarity, the new book from health and wellness guru, Jimmy Moore. And what a gem it is!

For over fifty years now, big pharma and the medical community have colluded to pull the wool over our eyes when it comes to cholesterol, how we measure it and what it means. All in the name of generating a 29 billion dollar a year statin drug industry. Statin drugs are now the number one prescribed drug in the world, topping anti-depressants and acid reflux medications. Jimmy relies not only on resources from 29 of the world’s most cutting edge cholesterol experts, but draws from his own journey battling the side effects of statin drug use as prescribed by his physician. These side effects include joint and muscle pain, decreased strength and memory loss to name just a few. The book points out the glaring details in regards to how big pharma and a vast majority of our medical community have no regard for our health whatsoever and are “quite simply motivated by profit under the illusion they are making you healthier.” Is it any wonder that big pharma’s touting of its wonder drug flies in the face of current statistics? “Heart disease is now the number-one killer of both men and women, and nearly one million Americans have heart attacks annually. The financial burden of coronary heart disease alone totals close to $110 billion dollars a year, and that trend is growing.”

Through all of this, cholesterol has quite un-fairly emerged as the villain. Cholesterol is to human beings as chlorophyll is to plants. It’s one of the most essential components of our metabolism. Without it, we would die. Did you know that our dietary cholesterol, or the cholesterol we consume, accounts for only 15% of the total cholesterol in our body and that excess cholesterol is eliminated or excreted naturally? We don’t continue to stockpile it as doctors would have you believe. Also, our total cholesterol is a meaningless number by itself and all of the components of blood cholesterol levels must be closely examined. Jimmy goes on to point out that it’s critical to examine HDL to triglyceride levels and that there are several components to the so-called bad LDL cholesterol such as LDL-a (the good LDL) and LDL-b (not good), all of which need to be factored in to test results.

As the book points out, the enemy is inflammation and that “without inflammation, there can be no heart disease”. When inflammation occurs, cholesterol comes to the rescue to help our bodies compensate. As Jimmy points out, “blaming cholesterol for heart disease is like saying that firefighters cause the fires!” Inflammation occurs when we expose our bodies to toxic and or food like substances that our bodies are simply not designed to process, pure and simple. The so-called medical experts have wrongly assumed that fat and cholesterol build up in our arteries because of the food we eat. As I will always allude to, a whole foods diet and regular exercise are the game winners here.

Unfortunately, the cholesterol myths are perpetuated by the industry due to enormous profits. They continue to try and dumb us down with over-simplified, grossly inaccurate total cholesterol theories in an attempt to funnel more cash through big pharma’s statin drug cartel. As I’ve stated previously, it’s you and I that are helping these guys make their yacht payments. Our best defense is to stay informed and Cholesterol Clarity delivers on this front. A MUST READ if you’re on a statin drug or want to avoid ever having to take them.


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