Consultation Services

Your first consultation and evaluation time with me is the beginning of our partnership together. This partnership will be unlike anything you’ve experienced with your physician. The documentation you provide to me that includes a three day food journal, a Confidential Client Health Questionnaire and my online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, allows me to understand how best to support your nutritional needs as well as provides me with any symptomatic conditions you may be currently experiencing. Our first appointment together will be scheduled after I have meticulously gone through your paperwork. This includes my notes and the reports that I am able to provide to you  based on your personal needs and areas of opportunity for dietary and or supplemental support.

Our initial appointment is typically 2 hours and will include one hour dedicated to a discussion based on the results I will provide to you  from your paperwork and will also cover how we can best work together to restore you to optimum health.

Our second hour together will include the Functional Evaluation. This is a hands on, physical evaluation that allows me to specifically target high priority areas for support such as digestion, blood sugar control, fatty acid balance, mineral status, hydration, immune and allergy and cardiovascular.

My follow up after our first appointment will include documentation provided to you to include nutritional, supplemental and lifestyle recommendations. Your supplemental recommendations will also include suggested dosages to keep you on track with vitamin and mineral support if needed.

Depending on your choice from my available packages, we can arrange for ongoing support to suit your needs and budget.

 Private Consultation

New Client Consultation

(approx. 2 hours)
Includes initial interview, online Nutritional Assessment, food journal review, functional evaluation and personalized Wellness Plan – $120

Follow-up Visits

Schedule varies and may include follow up food journal reviews, online Nutritional Assessment, and adjusted Wellness Plan* – $60

Introductory Consultation

(approximately 30 minutes)
If you just have a few questions but aren’t ready to commit to a full consultation, I recommend an introductory consultation. This does not include an online assessment, a food journal review or any functional evaluation time. This 30 minute initial consultation is also available by phone or Skype. – $35

 Packaged Plans

3 Month Get Well! Program

Includes Initial Consultation, 5 follow-up visits, weekly email and text support for 3 months* – $400

6 Month Total Wellness! Program

Includes Initial Consultation, 8 follow up visits, weekly email, text support for 6 months, and one Grocery Store Field Trip – $800

Grocery Store Field Trip – I Thought I Was Already Eating Healthy!

As Nutritional Therapists, we hear this frequently. Keep in mind that unless you’re a very savvy label reader and food shopper, you’re still consuming toxic food. Food labeling and marketing is very mis leading and deceptive. Learn how to read labels and find the healthiest options while getting the most ‘bang for your buck’. – $60 per hour