cholesterol_resizedHi everyone. I’m excited to finally have the newsletter up and running and I hope everyone finds it a useful resource to gather health and wellness updates.

I wanted to take advantage of this first newsletter to reaffirm the importance of understanding cholesterol, why it’s essential and why we need to see through the old science that demonizes it in order to continue to peddle statins for big pharma.

Remember that in order to have heart disease, inflammation HAS to be present and that cholesterol is the fire truck that races to the scene of the inflammation to extinguish the fire. This means that saying cholesterol causes heart disease is the equivalent of accusing the firemen of starting the fire! Nothing could be further from the truth.

Cholesterol is critical for brain health with 25% of the brain being composed of cholesterol. Cholesterol is also essential for Cellular function, sex hormone production and vitamin D synthesis.

Cholesterol was originally demonized back in the early 1950’s with Ancel Keys’ highly flawed Seven Countries Study that linked the consumption of dietary fat to coronary heart disease. We now know that Keys ‘cherry picked’ all of the data from the initial findings in order to correlate more closely with his intended outcome. Needless to say, the studies he excluded were those that did not fit his hypothesis. As a result consumers were actively discouraged by big pharma, the FDA and the corporate food cartels from eating butter, animal fats, eggs and dairy. Or in other words, everything we had been consuming for 6,000 generations that had kept us healthy!

This opened the door for not only the corporate food cartels to mass market food like substances that were cheap, quick and easy to prepare, it also sparked big pharma and the AMA to aggressively begin marketing the statin drugs that brought with them devastating side effects such as bone and joint pain, HCL or stomach acid production, cognitive impairment and gut biome disruption just to name a few. Statins also shut down the body’s ability to manufacture Coenzyme Q10 which is absolutely essential for muscle function. And, ironically, the rates of heart failure have doubled since statins were first introduced.

I think it’s important that all of us that have a keen interest in our own health and wellness, understand the facts about cholesterol, especially when we’re engaged with our doctor, who more often than not, is still subscribing to the old science principals.

I’ve just scratched the surface here so I want to recommend some excellent, easy to understand resources for helping you to further understand this controversy in order to be educated and informed.

The links provided below are all excellent articles that delve more deeply into the myths and truths about cholesterol. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to the long term health for you and your family.



Jimmy Moore’s Cholesterol Clarity