keto_clarity_resizedI was honored and excited when I received an email from The Livin’ La Vida Low Carb’s Jimmy Moore this week, asking me to review his new book, Keto Clarity, for Jimmy has delivered another gem and I wanted to share my review with my viewers first! It’s a must have for the Paleo faithful and for all of my fellow W.A.P.F. member friends. For any and all that might not have delved into the world of ketogenics, it’s a must read and very affordable at $16.97 hardcover and $9.99 for the Kindle edition. Definitely a fat myth buster!

In Health, Michael

Jimmy Moore Belts A Home Run With Keto Clarity!

As with his previous book, Cholesterol Clarity: What the HDL Is Wrong With My Numbers?, Jimmy Moore, once again, delivers on all fronts with his brand new book, Keto Clarity. Jimmy’s rare talent for communicating and breaking down complex health and nutritional myths and truths in easy to understand terms for the lay health enthusiast continues to amaze, amuse and inform.  Adding to the arsenal of resources for this book is his co-author Dr. Eric C. Westman, an internist and researcher from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, as well as exclusive interviews with twenty-nine of the world’s foremost experts on cholesterol. As was the case with Cholesterol Clarity, the book is an easy read and a hard book to put down.

Jimmy puts things into perspective right out of the gate when he suggests “Think about it for a moment: if the USDA were a business and the state of public health reflected their profit margin, they would have gone bankrupt many years ago.”  He goes onto to explain that the spike in our epidemic proportions of disease “coincides almost perfectly with the implementation of the government’s Dietary Guidelines in 1980.” He goes on to describe his early days and his success with the Atkins low carb approach, losing a total of 180 pounds in one year.

One of the key concepts is that ketosis or burning fat for fuel instead of glucose is a completely normal metabolic state and is far superior to the typical sugar burning process. The other key concept here is we need to cast aside our current media generated beliefs that eating fat makes us fat and understand that ketosis is an excellent way to actually reduce body fat. The tangible take-away here is fat quality or, how we source our fats.  Jimmy also suggests a strong connection between a high fat diet and its ability to slow down the aging process.

As important as the low carb concept is, we were all long overdue in regards to understanding this critical fat component of our metabolic makeup and the dramatic positive impact it can have on our health. This book is a must read for any health aficionado who is ready to take it to the next level and is a delightful read from start to finish.

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Keto Clarity goes to the top of my list and I will surely recommend it as essential reading for all of my clients. Fat is your friend and your fuel!

Michael Blaustone, NTP

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